The Middle East

Things to Do in Muscat, Oman

Muscat Overview Muscat is located along the north-eastern coast of Oman. It has a population of 630,000 people, of which 40% are expats. Unlike neighboring Dubai, there are no skyscrapers in Muscat because there are laws limiting the height of buildings and deeming that buildings must comply with tradition and have at least an Arabic-style window… Continue reading Things to Do in Muscat, Oman

The Caribbean

A Very Short Trip to Barbados (26.06.14-27.06.14)

Although I am from the Caribbean I have never really gone island-hopping aside from a trip to St. Lucia with parents. The opportunity arose to visit Barbados because my friend, Gabby had accummulated many air miles and wanted to use them up. It was also a long weekend and we wanted to go somewhere. So she… Continue reading A Very Short Trip to Barbados (26.06.14-27.06.14)

Australia · Places Around Melbourne

A Visit to Sassafras, Mt. Dandenong

I’ve been to Sassafras a few times. It’s a charming little town in the mountains 45 minutes from Melbourne. The road there is long and a bit winding. There are also quite a few areas to go for a hike. In Sassafras the restaurants, boutiques, cafes and stores are all housed in rustic-looking buildings. There is… Continue reading A Visit to Sassafras, Mt. Dandenong